This was an assignment for my 3D class. The project was to make a box in Blender. I wanted to make it a product, it’s meant to be reminiscent of toys from commercials in the nineties. I took inspiration for this from when the Supreme clothing brand sold Supreme bricks. It’s also partly inspired by the old Log commercials from Ren and Stimpy. I designed the packaging in Illustrator and InDesign. I am fond of how this came out if I was going to do it again I would make the box model more realistic and make the packaging more believable. The main issue with the packaging is that I didn’t pick my font carefully enough. That and the box is barren, it could use more small details to sell it better. The brick itself is definitely shaped like a brick but the material looks more like mystery meat. I think when I tackle this again it should come out a lot better.